Frequently Asked Questions

There is so much to learn! Check out the FAQ's to better understand Honeybux.

What is Honeybux?

Honeybux is a “subscription gifting” e-gift card website that allows you to give back while also gifting to the special people in your life. In order for the recipient to go shopping with their Honeybux, they must first give away a designated charitable amount (paid for by you) to a non-profit of their choice. They will then be awarded with their gifted Honeybux to shop our e-gift card catalog of over 400 national brands.  They get a gift, a non-profit gets a gift, and everyone feels good!  It’s a win, win, win!

Why is there a charitable component?

Because we want to make philanthropy accessible for all. Because the spirit of giving can get lost in the age of online and instant gratification. Because it feels good to give back. Because you can contribute to your community. Because we want everyone to sweeten the world.

Can I shop with my Honeybux before selecting a charity?

No. Honeybux are the reward for doing good. You cannot unlock your Honeybux shopping experience until you select a charity to donate your designated charitable amount to.

What is the platform fee and what does it cover?

The platform fee covers credit card fees, website operations, and distribution of designated charitable amounts, ensuring 100% of the designated charitable amount goes to the selected charities.

What charities and nonprofits can recipients select?

Recipient’s can choose from any U.S. 501(c)3 charity or nonprofit organization. Our list of optional charities comes from Charity Navigator. If the nonprofit that you are looking for missing, contact us at

When will the recipient get their Honeybux funds?

After the recipient selects a charity and submits a Why, the recipient will be awarded the Honeybux funds within 48 hours via email.

How much is Honeybux worth?

One Honeybux reward is equal to $1 USD. And so on.

What is a 'Why'?

After a recipient chooses a charity, they will be asked to submit a Why, to inform you (the Giver) why they chose the charity they did. This encourages the recipient to engage in the philanthropic piece of Honeybux. Recipients will not be given their Honeybux until they select a charity and submit a Why. Don’t worry, we’ve made this part super easy!

Can the selected charity reach out to the giver or recipient?

We do not share any information about you or the recipient with selected charities. We do encourage you to take your engagement beyond Honeybux and get involved! But that is up to you.

When do charities receive their donations?

We distribute funds designated to the selected charities on a quarterly basis: January, April, July and August.

What happens when a charity doesn't receive my designated amount?

Please reach out to our help support if you have any concerns with your designated charitable amount being received by the selected charity. Please remember, we distribute funds designated to the selected charities on a quarterly basis: January, April, July and August.

Distributing charitable designation is a little tedious – we need to verify that the charity is a 501(c)3 and in good standing. Occasionally, if we need more information or an issue arises, designations will be postponed until the next quarter.

While we do our best to keep up to date with charities, if we find a charity or nonprofit that is no longer in good standing, we’ll contact you to select another charity.

If you do no respond within 1 month, charitable designation will be given to the Anonymously Yours Foundation.

What cards can recipient's choose from with their Honeybux?

You can view the list of e-gift card choices here.

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