The Sweetest Way to Give

Send an e-gift card with Honeybux, the gift that's unlocked by doing good.


How Does it Work?

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    Get Honeybux

    Select a one-time Honeybux subscription for an electronic gift card valued between $25 to $100 to send to anyone deserving in your life! Whether it's for their birthday, a holiday, special occasion, or just because.

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    Make it sweet

    Designate an amount that must be given to a non-profit of their choice in order to unlock their Honeybux. The recipient then gets to go shopping at our vast online e-gift card catalog. This is the catch, the caveat, and the whole purpose: your recipient must give to get!

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    Sleep better

    Once your recipient selects a non-profit, you'll be informed who and why they chose them. They'll then be able to shop with their unlocked Honeybux to treat themselves! Everybody gives, everybody is a philanthropist. Isn't that sweet?

$1 = one Honeybux

Select the subscription with the amount of Honeybux you want to send your special someone and the amount to be donated. Honeybux is real money to be spent on real gift cards from over 400 national brands and real money to be donated to a non-profit of choice. Creating a hive of philanthropists one giver bee at a time!

Perfect for any occasion!

And other celebratory moments in life:
  • Birthdays
  • Graduation
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Christmas
  • Chanukah
  • Easter
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Thank You Gifts
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Local giving

We're big fans of giving local. Our charity selector will help your recipient navigate nonprofits near them. They can search by name or zip code to make it very easy to give to organizations that impact their community directly before they are awarded with their Honeybux. Already have a favorite charity? You can give to them, too!


Encourage the journey

Through-out the process, receivers will be inspired and educated with 'giving tidbits' that will encourage their journey into philanthropy and spark some ideas for their next move to help make the world a sweeter place for everyone.


Choices galore

Once they give away their designated charitable amount, your recipient unlocks their Honeybux, which can be used to purchase an e-gift card from over 400 national brands!

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