How is Honeybux disrupting the stereotypical generosity?

Disrupt: to interrupt an event, activity, or process by causing a disturbance.  To drastically alter or destroy the structure of.  Cause radical change in an industry or market by means of innovation.

Yup, we’re here to disrupt.  We’re here to interrupt your typical process of gift giving.  We’re here to drastically alter the structure of big philanthropy.  We’re here to cause radical change in the gift card market.  And we’re really, really excited about it.

Imagine you are a 12-year-old kid who’s about to turn 13.  The things that are important to you are school, your friends, music, your hair, and so on.  Your Grandma asks you what you want for your birthday, and you reply with a gift card to your favorite store, she gets the gift card, puts it in a card, you open it, stick it in your wallet and off you go.  Yes, the gift is thoughtful and generous but what if it could be more?  What if that gift card could also open your eyes to more than just the small world around you?  Well, here’s the thing about Honeybux.  We are the gift card that Grandma was already going to buy you but we’re way better.  We’re way better because you can still use your Honeybux to get a gift card to your favorite store but, you have to give some of Grandma’s hard-earned cash to a non-profit of your choice first.  Your gift just got a lot sweeter.  That’s how we disrupt the typical process of gift giving.  Your Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah gift that you were already going to give or receive doesn’t change but the impact that the gift has on the community around you does change.

So how are we altering philanthropy?  We’re doing this by focusing on what it really means to be a philanthropist because philanthropists are too often thought of as big donors.  The ones who give billions, millions, or hundreds of thousands of dollars but we are here to tell you that anyone and everyone can be a philanthropist.  Philanthropy simply means the desire to promote the welfare of others.  Nowhere does any definition of philanthropy say that you must give tens of thousands of dollars.  So, we’re here to philanthropize anyone and everyone.  Yes, that is a real word.  It means to practice philanthropy and guess what?  You’re $5 donation with Honeybux MAKES YOU A PHILANTHROPIST.  It means that you have the desire to promote the welfare of others and it makes an impact.

Finally, let’s disrupt the gift card industry.  Let’s give gifts, give back to our community, philanthropize people, and do it all in a sustainable way.  Yeah, we’re good for the planet too.  (we’re actually good to the planet twice if you unlock your Honeybux by giving to a green non-profit if that’s something you’re into) Physical gift cards are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a type of plastic that will typically end up in a landfill because it is not accepted by most recycling systems.  The International Card Manufacturing Association states that an average of 10 billion new plastic gift cards are created every year.  The Eco Hub estimates that 10 billion gift cards have the potential to add 75 to 100 million pounds of PVC material to landfills.  Now tell me, why are you buying those plastic gift cards again?

Do you hear that buzzing?  Don’t worry, it’s just the Honeybux bees being disrupters, causing a disturbance to gift giving, shaking up philanthropy, and being a radical gift card company.